Good night! Don’t let the bedding bite   

It’s nighttime. You’ve hopped into bed and turned off the thought button. Time to chill between the sheets and forget about all outside threats for a few hours, right? Not exactly… After you find out what your bedding is cooking up while you sleep, you may need to rethink your sleeping conditions. So, what’s the story with your bed sheets and how can you make sure it gets the happy ending you deserve? Read on to find out.

"the number of bacteria that builds up in our bedding after just one week of use is 28,000 times the number of bacteria found on a toilet seat"

Woman sleeps on her sheets at home

What’s up with your bedding?

To be fair, it’s not actually our bed sheets, it’s us. Every night we introduce an impressive cocktail of bacteria, viruses, dirt and crud into our bed, and things get ugly from there. Here’s a sneak peek at what you are bringing into bed with you:
30,000-40,000 dead skin cells per minute that we shed from our bodies as part of our skin’s maintenance routine.


Bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live on our skin and inside our bodies, some of which may include the bacteria that cause gonorrhea, meningitis, and pneumonia as well as bacteria from feces.
The bacteria which cause acne: while acne isn’t deadly, it can easily kill your confidence and is incredibly frustrating for anyone suffering from it.
Drool, sweat and other bodily fluids: we will spare you further details.
Miscellaneous: skincare and hair products, dirt from walking around barefoot, dust and more.
Dust mites: after you’ve set up such a fabulous all-you-can-eat buffet for them, they will definitely be RSVPing!

Our dirty bed sheets

Okay, but the levels of bacteria can’t be that bad, right?

Based on research carried out by Amerisleep, the number of bacteria that builds up in our bedding after just one week of use is 28,000 times the number of bacteria found on a toilet seat! In a word: yikes! Despite the best of intentions, most people don’t change their bed sheets after one week of use but more like after 3-4 weeks of use, so this number just grows from there.

In that case, we can just change our bed sheets more frequently and the washing machine will do the rest, right?

You may be surprised to find out that not only does the washing machine not kill most bacteria and viruses in the wash load, but it actually transfers those bacteria and viruses to other articles in the same wash load, as well as passing them on to future wash loads in the same washing machine. This means your bedding can come out of the washing machine with more pathogens on them than when they went in!

To truly get rid of most of the viruses and bacteria in the wash, you would need to do your laundry at over 77°C (170°F) with laundry bleach, which isn’t extremely feasible when it comes to colorful articles or articles which may shrink in the wash. Washing at over 77°C (170°F) is also not very good for the environment or your budget. So, no rescue from the washer.

So, what’s the solution for hygienic, stay-clean bedding?

Since the washing machine doesn’t eliminate pathogens, the best solution is to opt for antimicrobial bed sheets, that protect the bedding from becoming a repository of microorganisms. Sonovia was founded in 2013 based on innovative, patented technology developed at Bar Ilan University. At that stage, the technology had already been successfully applied to produce bedding with an antimicrobial treatment, which had been tested for over 4 years in a European hospital.

Sonovia team

The trial had been deemed a huge success. Sonovia then applied that same technology in its manufacturing of household bedding to produce bed sheets that contain built-in antimicrobial properties for people who want to enjoy that same hygiene at home.
The built-in antimicrobial properties in Sonovia’s fabrics were also tested at Vismederi Textyle S.r.l labs in Italy according to ISO standard 18184 and proven to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the bedding. The fabric neutralized over 99% of:
      • SARS-CoV-2
      • SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
Over 6 hours.
This means that in addition to luxurious comfort, Sonovia’s bed sheets neutralize the viruses on them, keeping your bed sheets clean and hygienic. 


Sonovia’s bedding was also tested according to standard AATCC100:2019 test method and proven to prevent growth of bacteria on the bed sheets. Sonovia’s bed sheets demonstrated over 99% efficacy against:
      • Klebsiella pneumoniae
      • Staphylococcus aureus
On the bedding itself over 24 hours.
This means that in addition to high thread count your bed sheets kill the bacteria that comes in contact with them.


Sonovia’s bedding has also been proven to kill P.acnes bacteria with over 99.99% efficacy in 5 hours when tested at the Hy Laboratories Ltd under standard AATCC100:2019 (anaerobic conditions).
So, in addition to elevating your sleep experience your bed sheets kill the acne-causing bacteria on them.


And because the bed sheets don’t become a repository for microbes, you can actually wash them less frequently than regular sheets, making your laundry loads lighter and your lounging heavier! With the Sonovia’s bed sheets you get amazing comfort and low maintenance!

What types of antimicrobial bedding does Sonovia offer?

Sonovia’s bed sheets come in two options depending on your sleep preferences:
Gleem Percale Bedding: made of 100% soft cotton with 270 stitches per inch thread count and advanced wicking technology. This bedding was designed for people who tend to sleep hot and are looking for bed sheets that create a cool, optimal sleep environment.
The sheets have a modern matte finish and a cool, crisp feel. This is the perfect bedding set for warmer seasons and climates. In addition to the fabric’s antimicrobial performance, Gleem Percale sheets also include an Easy-Care treatment to keep ironing to a minimum for low-maintenance living.
Spark Sateen Bedding: made of 100% soft cotton with a whopping 500 stitches per inch thread count and advanced wicking technology. The Spark Sateen bedding set has a rich luster and a caressing touch which will make you eager to dive in on cold nights. These bed sheets are ideal for people looking for a little warmth retention in bed, surrounding them with a snuggly feel. Spark Sateen bedding also contains Sonovia’s patented antimicrobial technology and the Easy-Care treatment.

Are there additional benefits to Sonovia’s bed sheets?

Certain bacteria are also responsible for causing unpleasant odors, but with Sonovia’s fabric which stays clean and hygienic around the clock, these odors are eliminated as well. And with the less frequent washing of Sonovia’s sheets, you save time and money.
Our waking hours are filled with stress. No one wants a bed filled with invisible bugs as well. For us to truly relax in a hygienic environment, we need to make sure our bedding doesn’t add crud to our lives. Sonovia’s bedding with its patented antimicrobial technology which prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi ensures that when we get into bed and close our eyes, we know we can trust the fabric to take care of the rest. With Sonovia’s bed sheets, you can rest assured that you are truly covered.