The Best Kids’ Face Mask for School in 2022   

Two years into the pandemic and yet another COVID-19 surge is underway with the latest, highly transmissible Omicron variant infecting its way around the world. With our kids spending most of their day in one of the most contagious environments out there, the school system, we want to make sure we provide them with the highest protection possible. So how do we choose a good mask for our kids? Read on to find out.

"With proper masking, only about 1 in 3,000 students became infected with COVID-19 at school"

Kids with regular masks at school

How is the Omicron variant affecting the infection rate in kids?

The Omicron is considered to be highly transmissible, with a single person infecting 3.7 other people on average. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , since the beginning of the pandemic, infection rates and hospitalizations among children are on the rise.

What are the challenges of COVID-19 in schools and of remote learning?

Schools offer kids stability, structure, and social interactions in addition to education. Moving from in-person instruction to remote learning is thought to have a negative impact on students’ emotional and mental well-being as well as their learning progress.
School outbreaks have been associated with periods of high transmission levels in the community and with poor prevention performance in schools. According to the CDC , transmission levels in schools are directly related to the transmission levels in the community as well as how well prevention strategies are implemented in schools: mask requirements, class crowding and proper classroom ventilation.

How effective is masking as a preventative measure against COVID-19 in schools?

A study by the ABC Science Collaborative on North Carolina’s school system held between March and June of 2021 and included 1.2 million students and 160,000 school staff members.
The study’s findings were that with proper masking, only about 1 in 3,000 students became infected with COVID-19 at school and established correct masking as the leading factor in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

What to look for in a good kids’ face mask for school

When selecting the best face mask for your kids for school, look for the following attributes:


Good fit and comfort: Disposable masks are itchy and scratchy, prone to wear and tear, and are difficult to wear for hours on end. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids is a reusable, washable mask made of soft, breathable fabric, perfect for kids who are active and require a comfortable mask that stays put while they move around. As with any mask, to maximize protection, the mask must fit well and stay in place.
Many disposable masks offer one size and no adjustability, rendering any protection they offer marginal if the mask fits poorly. With the SonoMask Pro Kids, you get full adjustability to ensure every child enjoys personalized fit.  
The SonoMask Pro Kids comes with your choice of head straps or ear straps with sliders for adjustability. An adjustable nose wire ensures a snug, yet comfortable fit with no air leaks. And the ergonomic chin guard ensures the mask stays put so that kids do not need to constantly readjust the mask and handle it.

High Filtration: Your kids will be spending most of their school day interacting with other kids and staff indoors. A high filtration mask is key to protect them at all times. A mask like the SonoMask Pro Kids was specifically designed with kids’ sizing and needs in mind. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids has 3 layers of protection – an inner and outer fabric layer made of soft, breathable fabric and a middle filter layer. The innovative layering design has been tested and proven to provide an impressive 97% filtration of 3-micron particles ( see our test report ).


Antimicrobial properties to protect the mask: In addition to the SonoMask  Pro Kids’ high filtration, the SonoMask™ Pro Kids’ fabric is treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect the mask from the growth of microorganisms. The built-in antimicrobial properties in Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were tested at Vismederi Textyle S.r.l labs in Italy according to ISO standard 18184 and proven to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the mask’s fabric. The SonoMask Pro’s fabric neutralized over 99% of:
     • SARS-CoV-2
     • SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
Over 6 hours.
This means that in addition to high filtration your SonoMask™ Pro neutralizes the viruses it traps, keeping your kids’ mask clean and hygienic. 

Sonovia’s face mask fabrics have also been proven to kill P.acnes bacteria with over 99.99% efficacy in 5 hours when tested at the Hy Laboratories Ltd under standard AATCC100:2019 (anaerobic conditions). 


In addition, Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were tested according to standard AATCC100:2019 test method and proven to prevent growth of bacteria on the mask. SonoMask™ Pro demonstrated over 99% efficacy against:
    • Klebsiella pneumoniae
    • Staphylococcus aureus
On the mask itself over 24 hours.


So, in addition to everything else, the SonoMask™ Pro kills bacteria that come in contact with it. This means the mask remains clean and hygienic for as long as your kids use it even in the most dubious surroundings. The antimicrobial properties are maintained for 55 weekly washes. And because the mask stays clean, you will only need to wash it if it becomes stained or dirty.

Personal style and sizing: Kids have their own personal style. We get it. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids face mask comes in an assortment of fun prints and colors so that every child can express themselves through their mask. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids also comes in two sizes to ensure good fit for kids of all ages and sizes.


The future-friendly mask: Disposable masks are made with harmful chemicals and are quickly becoming the next eco-disaster. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids is made with zero harmful chemicals and a fraction of the freshwater normally used in manufacturing processes. One SonoMask™ Pro Kids face mask replaces hundreds of disposable masks which end up polluting and poisoning our planet. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids is a reusable, washable mask that supports a cleaner future for our kids.
As with everything else, we would also like to set our kids up for success with their masking efforts when they are away at school. With its impressive filtration level, full customizability and its soft, breathable fabric that stays comfortable and clean over time, our kids have everything they need to achieve excellent masking and protection even in the most infectious surroundings. The SonoMask™ Pro Kids - a mask that understands kids and parents.