And the Winners of the COVID-19 Protection Contest Are…Masks!   

Whether, vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovering from COVID-19, most people have no real knowledge of their antibody levels or overall level of protection at any given moment. More and more studies are proving masks are instrumental in keeping you safe from COVID-19, even when

"masks are an essential and consistent line of defense against COVID-19 in high-risk environments"

physical distancing is not possible and regardless of the antibody levels, if any, in your body. Read on to find out how picking out a good mask can make a huge impact on your safety in this pandemic.

The ABC Science Collaborative Study on face masks in schools

Schools are high-risk environments for COVID-19 infection. While vaccination is the most effective method to protect people from the grave effects of COVID-19, not all kids are eligible for vaccines yet, and even among the vaccinated, antibody levels drop and differ over time.


The proximity in the classroom and the interactions between kids also prove challenging based on the widespread guidelines of 6 feet of physical distance between people. On the other hand, remote learning and keeping kids out of school also has cumulative negative effects on learning as well as the physical and mental well-being of students of all ages.


Between March and June of 2021, the ABC Science Collaborative conducted a study funded by the state of North Carolina of the North Carolina school system which encompassed 1.2 million students and 160,000 staff members.


Researchers compared the COVID-19 infection rate in full in-person instruction schools working under Plan A with hybrid model schools that combined in-person instruction with remote learning and practiced 6 feet of physical distancing, working under Plan B.

The findings of the study showed that based on students and staff following proper masking protocols, only about 1 in 3,000 students became infected with COVID-19 at school . Researchers also found no difference in infection rates between Plan A and Plan B learning models, showing physical distancing was less instrumental in preventing infection, and that proper masking was the key component in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in schools .


The above study was yet another important study which supports what a growing body of evidence is showing – masks are an essential and consistent line of defense against COVID-19 in high-risk environments.

What type of mask provides the best protection against COVID-19?

There are different types of masks on the market, and different consumer needs. The protection level provided by the mask is highly important. Equally important is your ability to maximize that protection level by choosing a mask that fits wells and is comfortable to keep on for as long as needed. A mask like the SonoMask™ Pro   is all about adjustability and ergonomics. It has an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable ear straps to ensure fit is snug and comfortable. It has an ergonomic chin guard to ensure the mask stays in place with no air leaking in or out. In addition to great fit and breathability, the SonoMask™ Pro is high on protection, with 3 engineered protection layers: the inner and outer layers are made up of a soft, breathable poly/cotton blend. The middle layer is a filter to boost protection even further.

As with any performance product, in this case your protection level, you want to make sure you look for a mask that backs up performance claims with data. The SonoMask™ Pro has been proven to block 3-μm airborne particles with over 97% efficacy.

What sets the SonoMask Pro apart from other masks on the market?

The SonoMask™ Pro was designed to offer both superior protection and comfort. In order to achieve this, Sonovia, the company behind the SonoMask™ Pro, poured a decade of research into the makings of its mask.

Sonovia has commercialized an innovative eco-friendly ultrasonic technology which embeds zinc directly onto its mask fabric. The zinc becomes an inherent part of the fabric and actively neutralizes viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, bacteria and fungi with over 99% efficacy.


That means that the virus is not just trapped in the mask, but that it is actually destroyed by its fabric. This is a huge step up from the passive protection offered by most masks on the market, because the SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric provides both passive and active protection in one product. This article in the Jerusalem Post expands on the SonoMask™ Pro fabric’s potent antiviral activity.

How long does the SonoMask™ Pro’s protection last and is it reusable?

Because the zinc is integrated into the SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric, it becomes a part of the fabric and continues to perform over time. In fact, wash testing has shown the zinc-enhanced fabric in Sonovia’s SonoMask™ Pro continues to maintain its properties for over 55 weekly washes , or over one year of use. Since the fabric self-disinfects viruses, bacteria and fungi, the mask only needs to be washed as needed if it gets stained or dirty. The SonoMask™ Pro is not just high on protection but also low on maintenance!


Universal masking saves lives. Choosing the right mask is crucial to keeping you safe. With a mask like the SonoMask™ Pro you not only get superior filtration but also active protection to make sure you not only keep threats out, but actually break them down.