The Best Face Mask for Living with COVID-19

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, opinions on dealing with the pandemic going forward couldn’t be more polarized, ranging from calling for lockdowns to supporting living alongside the virus. Regardless of the outlook on how to proceed from here, the one consensus across the board is masks. With new variants, differing vaccination rates and attitudes, masks are maintaining their leading role in increasing personal protection against COVID19. But not all masks are created equal, so what do we need to know to choose our mask wisely? Read on to find out.

What are the makings of a mask for the long-haul?

With new variants and differing immunity levels within the population, masks will not only be with us in the foreseeable future but continue to play a major role in keeping us safe around other people. When we choose the mask that will service us in the long-run, we expect it to provide high-protection levels while being comfortable enough to tolerate keeping it on for as long as needed. Spending days on end with a mask on is not easy. A mask like the SonoMask Pro™ by Sonovia that has the test reports to support its protection levels while also providing high breathability, comfort and adjustability for a snug, personal fit, is an excellent choice. In fact, with over 300,000 satisfied customers worldwide and 5-star reviews, the award-winning SonoMask Pro™ has made an impact in the lives it has touched and protected.

How can we make sure our mask is giving us superior protection?

There are so many masks on the market, from disposable surgical masks that are good for four hours of wear to fabric masks that can be washed and reused. But how do we know our mask is really delivering on protection? The best advice would be that masks that have been designed to provide high protection levels should have proof supporting their performance. A mask like the SonoMask Pro™ by Sonovia has taken protection up a notch by offering a combination of high filtration performance and active protection .


Regular masks filter out particles through a mesh construction that passively catches particles like a spider web. After a few hours, the mask, if disposable, becomes contaminated with particles and needs to be replaced with a fresh mask, or would need to be washed if a reusable mask. The SonoMask Pro™ gives you 3 X 3 performance: it is made up of 3 layers of protection and offers a whopping 97% filtration efficacy rate of 3-micron particles . But the SonoMask Pro™ doesn’t stop there. The outer and inner layers of the SonoMask Pro™’s fabric are embedded with active zinc which is a known antiviral and antibacterial agent. These layers of fabric don’t just trap viruses and bacteria, they eliminate them with an efficacy level of over 99.9%.

Professor Amos Adler, a consultant for the European Center for Disease Control and the Director of the Clinical Microbiology Lab at Tel Aviv University explained that “COVID-19 variants might have different epidemiological or immunological properties that are the result of point mutations in critical areas of the receptor binding domain, still, their overall structure and biophysical properties of the virus are almost identical. Hence, the antiviral effect exerted by the Sonovia treated fabrics is expected to be present in all COVID-19 variants, including the recent Delta variant.”

The SonoMask Pro™ retains its properties for over 1 year of use and over 55 washes, and because it auto-cleans itself, it will keep going for as long as you do. That’s protection you can count on!

How can we save our skin from long-term masking?  

Masks are known to be harsh on skin. When we bought our first masks, we thought we would be rid of them in a short amount of time. However, as we have now come to realize, masks are here to stay for a while, and we should now consider the long-term effects of masks on our skin.  In fact, dermatologists and cosmetologists everywhere have been seeing a dramatic increase in skin irritation and breakouts since the pandemic and consequent mask-wearing began. The phenomenon has even gotten its own name – maskne, or mask acne. Masks made of synthetic material like surgical masks are the worst type of mask for skin because they are rougher on skin and cause more friction and irritation against the skin. They also trap more moisture inside the mask, creating a humid, sweaty environment that is ideal for acne-causing bacteria. Fabric masks made from natural material like cotton are better for people dealing with maskne because they are gentler on skin and absorb more moisture. The SonoMask Pro™ is made of a soft, breathable poly/cotton blend, but it goes a step further in looking out for your skin. Thanks to its active zinc enriched fabric, the SonoMask Pro™’s fabric actually fights and eliminates over 99.99% of the acne-causing bacteria leaving your skin happy and maskne-free. Taking off your mask at the end of the day has never felt better with your full-day mask-facial courtesy of the SonoMask Pro™.

How is prolonged mask usage affecting the planet and your pocket?  

With surgical masks having to be replaced every 4 hours, disposable masks are quickly becoming the latest ecological disaster, and an economical thorn in your side, polluting our planet while draining your savings. Enter the SonoMask Pro™, the reusable and washable innovative mask that is not only good for your budget, but good for the planet as well. With its performance lasting for over a year of use, the SonoMask Pro™ replaces hundreds of disposable masks per year and keeps them away from nature and your bank account.


Wearing masks long-term isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be wearying. With the SonoMask Pro™ that is heavy on protection but gentle on your skin and the environment, long-haul masking is not only manageable, but productive, keeping you, your skin, and the planet safe and sound.