The Best Face Mask for Air Travel Out of New York This Winter  

Planning a flight out of New York this winter? With both COVID-19 and flu season now in full swing, there are things you can do to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. We’ve put together some tips and points for you to consider in preparation for your trip.

"Although you are not able to control the inherent risk level that comes with your flight’s roll-of-the-dice passenger mix, you do have complete control over the quality of your protection gear."

Air travel is picking up speed and many people will be traveling to spend the holidays with family or just take a breather from everyday life under the shadow of the pandemic. Masks are required while using public transportation and public transportation hubs including airports and aircrafts as per the Executive Order on Promoting COVID-⁠19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel signed by POTUS on January 21, 2021.


These measures are meant to help prevent COVID-19 transmission through domestic and international flights. While there are many aspects of the flight that are out of your control, you can boost your personal protection level. Here are the things to consider when looking for the best air travel mask for your trip:

What stays in the passenger cabin (unfortunately) doesn’t stay in the passenger cabin

Passenger cabins are tricky. A large group of people with no real ability to physically distance completely dependent on proper universal masking conduct, the performance level of the masks throughout the plane and the overall passengers’ health status. Here are the main factors that could have considerable impact on the outcome of your trip:


The Where: You are now inside the aircraft, a confined space shared by all passengers. The air quality inside the cabin at any given moment is a cocktail of exhaled air, fresh air from the outside and filtered air from the aircraft’s filtration system.

If everyone on the plane is healthy, you are good. If someone unknowingly has COVID-19, you are at risk. Although you are not able to control the inherent risk level that comes with your flight’s roll-of-the-dice passenger mix, you do have complete control over the quality of your protection gear.

(Qingyan Chen, Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering)

The Who: Your flight is shared by all the passengers on the plane, most of whom are complete strangers to you and to each other. There’s no way of knowing who is well and who may be spreading COVID-19 or other airborne diseases.

Human behavior and conduct differ, with some people being more mindful of universal masking etiquette, while others less cognizant of the importance of consistent mask-wearing or the proper way to wear a mask. Mealtime poses another threat as people remove their masks to eat or drink. Once again, your choice of protection gear can compensate for any misconduct on the part of other passengers.

What are the makings for a good air travel face mask?

When searching for the best air travel mask, opt for a mask that compensates for any loopholes in the masking conduct of others by choosing tested, proven high protection. You will also want a mask that is comfortable and breathable enough to keep on for the full duration of your trip.

Sonovia’s SonoMask™ Pro delivers high protection through a hybrid of two different defense mechanisms. The SonoMask™ Pro has a 3-layer structure: an inner and outer layer of breathable fabric that is gentle on your skin and a middle filter layer. The innovative protection you get from the SonoMask™ Pro comes from a combination of the following:


Outstanding filtration level : The SonoMask™ Pro was tested and proven to offer 97% filtration efficacy of airborne particles as small as 3 μm.

Active protection: Most masks are designed to catch and filter particles, much like a spider web catches flies. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus is only trapped and not eliminated, masks may become contaminated after contact with the virus. Touching the mask to remove it or adjust it could contaminate hands and anything you touch, including your face. This is where the SonoMask™ Pro differs from standard masks. 

The SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric is embedded with zinc nanoparticles. Zinc is a key ingredient in skincare products due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The SonoMask™ Pro’s zinc-embedded fabric leverages the activity of zinc against pathogens to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the coronavirus and the Delta variant with over 99% proven efficacy!

Fit for purpose: Even the best protection will be compromised if the mask doesn’t fit well. The SonoMask™ Pro is designed to provide both. With its tightly knit, soft, washable fabric that is breathable yet durable, it provides you with a mask that puts comfort on the same par as protection.

The SonoMask™ Pro is all about adjustability, with your choice of either adjustable head or ear straps, an adjustable nose wire to create a leak-proof, airtight seal, as well as an ergonomic chin guard to keep the mask in place, creating a comfortable, snug fit. Available sizes run from kids to XL to ensure everyone finds their size. The SonoMask™ Pro comes in various colors to support a chic, sophisticated look head to toe.

The No-Maskne Mask: By now you’re probably familiar with the term maskne, possibly even having experienced it yourself with all the discomfort and frustration that stems from skin irritation and acne caused by mask-wearing. Thankfully, the SonoMask™ Pro has taken on maskne as well through its zinc-embedded fabric proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria with over 99.99% efficacy .

As explained by Prof. Amos Adler, the director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center and an advisor to Sonovia regarding the results of the independent lab tests to test the SonoMask™ Pro fabric’s effect on acne-causing bacteria:


“The test showed tremendous activity of the treated fabric against the bacteria  Cutibacterium acne  in anaerobic conditions."

The No-Fuss Mask: Have you already calculated how many times you’ll need to replace your disposable masks during your trip? Instead of packing a box of disposables, switch to reusable masks that are better for the environment, better for your skin, and offer exceptional protection.

The SonoMask™ Pro is the ideal high-protection, low-maintenance mask. Its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties also mean it self-disinfects and eliminates bad odors caused by bacteria. No need to wash your mask unless it becomes stained or dirty. How’s that for low maintenance?


Flying out of New York this winter may seem like a nerve-racking ordeal, but with the proper precautions and the right travel mask, it really can be a stress-free experience. With Sonovia’s SonoMask™ Pro, you’ll be getting both comfort and breathability and exceptional protection, keeping your mind on your destination and your body safe.