Personal Masking? Put Your Stylish Face Mask to Work to Boost Your Personal Brand

Face masks have been a part of our lives since the end of 2019 and are considered by many to be a burden. But with every challenge comes opportunity and a stylish face mask can support you as you build and maintain your personal brand. Read on to find out how you can harness the power of the right mask to achieve your personal branding goals.

What is personal branding and how can a chic face mask promote your brand?

Much like your DNA, you are unique in this world and bring with you your personality, skillset, experience, values, and your point of view. However, effectively displaying their distinctiveness to the world is a challenge for many people who find showcasing their abilities and value to others to be uncomfortable or confusing. 


Your personal brand is how you communicate and promote your personality, your capabilities, your knowledge, and your perspective to your target audience; it is the image you create and the way you share yourself with people. Done well, personal branding will differentiate you from others in your area of expertise. Done poorly, you will either fail at setting yourself apart or come across as disingenuous.


Now imagine you just received a huge billboard to take with you wherever you go and use to promote your personal image. Would you leave that billboard blank, or would you leverage it to convey a strong message that supports your goals with your target audience? 


With face masks now replacing half of our face, people meeting us for the first time will be forming their first impression of us based on our demeanor and looks including the mask we are wearing. How we “wallpaper” that part of our face to leverage it as prime realty is totally up to us. 


Many people don’t give masks a second thought. They go out and buy a pack of disposable masks and walk around looking like everyone else. Did you know surgical masks are made of the same materials as plastic utensils? Is that really the sloppy, generic image you want people to associate with your personal branding?. Being the most regularly worn (and visible) item, the well known quote "You are what you wear" is truer than ever for face masks.

Like it or not, first impressions are the first step in your personal branding. And now masks make up a huge part of that first impression and therefore your personal branding as well.
Personal branding requires hard work and constant maintenance. The same thought and attention to detail that goes into what we wear must be extended to mask selection as well. A stylish face mask like the SonoMask™ Pro that comes in a range of classic, fashion-forward colors can be easily matched to sharp clothing and will set you apart from the disposable-mask-wearing crowd.

Who needs personal branding and how do sharp face masks help?

Short answer: “everyone”. Whether you are interviewing for a job, own your own business, joined a new club, or want to grow within an organization, your personal brand matters. Your image will determine whether you are hired or promoted, taken seriously, or overlooked. Put in the time and effort to create your personal branding rather than leaving how people see you up to them.
Business and personal relationships are carried out between people. People like to work with individuals they feel understand them, share the same values, can help them achieve their goals, and come across as trustworthy. A mask with a crisp, techy look in the right color sends the right message about the brand you are creating and shows you are detail-oriented, professional, and determined to achieve excellence.

How to get started with personal branding - finding your niche and your brand-right stylish face mask

Each of us has individual superpowers that can help other people. Every one of us is passionate about certain things. When we put our superpowers and our passions together, we can do great things for others in a way that is unique to us. Find the niche where your skillset and passion can make a difference. Identify the target market that will benefit from your services. The key to doing this successfully is to understand what your target market needs and to get to know the potential clients that could benefit from your help. 


If we listen to people, are empathetic to their needs, engage with them and understand their expectations, we can use our talent and knowhow to find solutions that help them exceed those expectations. And just like picking out the right attire to evoke trust and authority, our mask should reinforce and complete the total look, and keep us comfortable during our meetings.

What you should know about Sonovia and the SonoMask™ Pro

The SonoMask Pro™ is made up of 3 layers of protection: an inner and outer layer of tightly knit, breathable fabric, with a middle filter between them to boost protection. It comes in 4 sizes with your choice of either head straps or ear straps, both with adjustable sliders for full customization. An adjustable nose wire ensures a snug, comfortable fit. And an ergonomic chin guard will keep the mask comfortably in place as you move. 


The SonoMask™ Pro  can also be a great business card – it can be customized to carry your company logo and contact details, and even better, the customers you gift with branded SonoMask™ Pro will advertise your business front and center wherever they go. You are not just keeping your customers safe but getting free promotion at the same time! Now that you have figured out your niche and your target market, it’s time to get your message out there.

Creating your mission statement and how to communicate and convey your message 

Sonovia was founded in 2013 with the goal of saving lives and making lives better. Sonovia commercialized a patented technology developed at Bar Ilan University. When the pandemic hit, Sonovia shifted its efforts to fighting the pandemic through innovative new masks that go beyond conventional filtration. The Sonovia SonoMask™ Pro was created after 10 years of research and development.


The SonoMask™ Pro provides you with an impressive 97% filtration of 3-micron particles ( see our test report ), but it doesn’t stop there.


In addition to the SonoMask™ Pro’s high filtration, the SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric is treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect the mask from the growth of microorganisms. These built-in antimicrobial properties in Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were tested at Vismederi Textyle S.r.l labs in Italy according to ISO standard 18184 and proven to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the mask’s fabric. The SonoMask™ Pro’s fabric neutralized over 99% of:
      · SARS-CoV-2
      · SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant
Over 6 hours.
This means that in addition to high filtration your SonoMask™ Pro neutralizes the viruses it traps, keeping your mask clean and hygienic. 

Sonovia’s face mask fabrics have also been proven to kill P.acnes bacteria with over 99.99% efficacy in 5 hours when tested at the Hy Laboratories Ltd under standard AATCC100:2019 (anaerobic conditions). 


In addition, Sonovia’s face mask fabrics were tested according to standard AATCC100:2019 test method and proven to prevent growth of bacteria on the mask. SonoMask™ Pro demonstrated over 99% efficacy against: 
      · Klebsiella pneumoniae
      · Staphylococcus aureus
On the mask itself over 24 hours.


So, in addition to everything else, the SonoMask™ Pro kills bacteria that come in contact with it. This means the mask stays clean and hygienic over time even in the most dubious surroundings. 


How did learning all this information about Sonovia, its history, mission statement and product make you feel about Sonovia? Now that you’ve carved out your niche, determined there’s a target market for it and have taken the time to understand your potential customers’ needs, it’s time to come up with your own personal message, or mission statement, and get it out there. Make sure your message speaks from the heart, is genuine, and provides a true solution for your potential customers.

Building your credibility and reaching your audience

Whether working at an organization, or owning your own business, building your credibility is the foundation for building your image. When your actions and motivation come from a real desire to help others, people pick up on your authenticity. 


How you reach your audience depends on your goals and whether you are a freelancer, employee at a company or business owner. You can work through social media or start a blog or a mailing list. Ideally, different medias and platforms should be combined to match the ones where your potential customers spend their time.
Tell a good story that lets people get to know you, your superpowers and how you can help them. Build your reputation and your credibility by showcasing your knowledge through the different platforms and communication routes to provide people with valuable, useful knowledge. This will build you up as an authority in your area of expertise, just like Sonovia has established itself as an authority in the innovative high protection market.

Walk the talk, be consistent

Consistency and living by example are the key to personal branding. Practice what you preach consistently and constantly. People can tell when someone is being insincere. And just like the slogans “you are what you wear” and “dress for success”, dressing the part is just as important as living your life by your code. The SonoMask™ Pro will provide you with the stylish, on-point face mask to complement your attire, as well as keeping your customers and you safe in your meetings together.


Both personal branding and masks are critical to helping you reach a better tomorrow. Leveraging your mask to strengthen your personal branding gives you an edge and takes your message up a notch. So easy to do, yet so overlooked by most people. With Sonovia’s SonoMask™ Pro not only do you get the highest level of protection, but a fresh-looking, stylish mask that supports your personal brand and your individuality. Personal branding is about identifying opportunities. The SonoMask™ Pro gives you a priceless edge at an affordable price.